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Search Foundation

Created in 1995 SEARCH FOUNDATION, Nutrition division of N.R.Jagdale Group- health care company, dedicated to the development of Nutritional supplements, that better life for people of all ages.

Search Foundation has been at the forefront of developing scientifically designed supplements for more than 20 years. Our focus is on quality, purity, and effective formulations to provide proper, balanced nutrition to fuel daily activities, promote and maintain a good health and make best shape a reality. Committing to simple nutrition guidelines can put good health within reach. Our quality control standards are on par with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). We source only the best raw materials for our nutritional supplements. We develop science-based supplements which are effective at its best. Our innovative formulas are based on the latest research, clinically validated, scientific approach to better nutrition. And our accumulated body of knowledge for over two decades, makes it possible for us to develop unique formulations.

We also work closely with nutritionist, athletes and coaches and understand their nutritional requirements depending on their sporting activities. We develop specific products as applicable to their training demands, in consultation with coaches and trainers. Our range of Products/Supplements widely used for high endurance sports like Cricket, Swimming, Athletics, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Basket Ball, Skating etc and by top athletes in the country

Our Esteem Clients

   “Our Products have been used by many top sports professionals including Mr. Leander Paes, Mr. Rahul Dravid, Mr. Anir Bhan Lahiri, Mrs Anju Bobby George, Mr. Sajan Prakash & many more athletes. We bring General Nutrition technology to everyone keeping the human health on priority, at an affordable cost and putting “Nutrition ahead of Medicine”. Our Products have been tested and cleared for Doping Substances by LGC (Informed Sports) United Kingdom which is WADA recognised Laboratory.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to research, develop and manufacture superior quality nutrition products for high endurance athletes in all disciplines to inspire and to make them to excel in their respective sports.

In addition to this we also research, develop and manufacture Equine Nutrition Supplements for high calibre race horses. Our mission is to support highest quality nutrition products at affordable costs to Indian sports.

Our Vision

To establish Search Foundation as one of the premier Nutraceutical company with a broad spectrum of nutrition products to cater especially for sports persons of all disciplines and bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete and general nutrition for sedentary life style community.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Rakshit N Jagdale

Managing Director

Mr. Thrivikram G Nikam

Joint Managing Director

Mr. T D Vijayaragavan


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