The Search foundation works with top Athletes of various disciplines and has established wide contact with various sports. The foundation is highly focused in giving the best value to Athletic Nutrition particularly in India, as well as utilizing the R&D efforts for the benefit of General Nutrition required among all section of people. 

We also work closely with nutritionist, athletes and coaches and understand their nutritional requirements depending on their sporting activities. We develop specific products as applicable to their training demands, in consultation with coaches and trainers. Our range of Products/Supplements widely used for high endurance sports like Cricket, Swimming, Athletics, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Basket Ball, Skating etc and by top athletes in the country. Also, we are proud to say our products are extensively used by MEG sports.


Featured Products


With CARBOLYTE RD you will enjoy drinking your Rehydration drink! You will feel healthier, stronger and more hydrated all day! And with its fresh fruit flavours and premium ingredients that taste great, you are more likely to drink sufficient amounts to stay hydrated helping to improve your fitness and stamina.

CARBO PLUS INSTANT also replaces vital body salts (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, and Chloride) lost due to sweat and excretion which are responsible for preventing muscle cramps and help in the nervemuscle coordination and smooth functioning of the body. 


Helps facilitate energy production

Boost Energy Metabolism

For formation of red blood cells

Prevention and treatment of anaemia and immune system.

Plays vital role in energy synthesis.


Search Foundation Equine Division

We are manufacturers of premium feed supplements to the Indian Equine Industry. Our supplements are all ethically formulated and manufactured keeping to the highest standards. We have developed a complete range of Vitamin and Mineral Complexes, Growth promoters, Electrolyte boosters, Performance Products, Joint supplements, Recovery accelerators and many more. 

Why Choose Us?

Because what matters to you, matters to us.

At Search Foundation, you can count on the highest quality products backed by science, formulated using only the finest ingredients. But, we’re more than a supplement maker — we’re your partner on a journey to better health. And that means providing meaningful guidance every step of the way. When you put something in your body, you should have complete confidence you’re getting the nutritional benefits your body deserves. At Search Foundation, The Science of a Healthier Life means we deliver exceptional products and real results. That’s our commitment to you.

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