Nutritional support for Anhidrosis

Specially formulated for the production of sweat properly and consistently, thus preventing Anhidrosis.

L-tyrosine helps in the synthesis of catecholamines including the epinephrine which influences the cellular response to epinephrine in sweat glands. The blend of l-tyrosine, niacin, sodium, vitamin C and vitamin E helps in the support of the thyroid and the perspiratory system.

Anhidrosis is the decreased ability to sweat in response to increased body temperature which usually occurs when there is improper nerve signaling such as epinephrine and norepienephrine. When horses exercise their mucles produce heat, which raises their core body temperature. This body heat dissipates through sweat and respiration. Improving the activity of neurotransmitters and proper functioning of the thyroid gland can help in the long term recovery from anhidrosis.

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Improves the production of sweat thus regulating the horse body temperature.

Maintains the normal functioning of the thyroid gland and pespiratory functions.

Keeps the horse relaxed and focussed.

Maintains healthy and hydrated skin and coat

Complete nutritional supplement for problems associated with Anhidrosis.



Biotin, selplex selenium, L-tyrosine, vitamin C, niacin, sodium, cobalt and vitamin E in palatable base.

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1Kg. Food grade bucket container.




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