Our CMD's Vision

“Great Quality is not a choice, It is the inevitable result of the environment we create”

Who Are We?

The right nutrition is balanced nutrition.

Created in 1995 SEARCH FOUNDATION, Nutrition division of N.R.Jagdale Group-health care company, dedicated to the development of Nutritional supplements, that better life for people of all ages.

Search Foundation has been at the forefront of developing scientifically designed supplements for more than 20 years. Our focus is on quality, purity, and effective formulations to provide proper, balanced nutrition to fuel daily activities and promote and maintain a good health and condition. Committing to simple nutrition guidelines can put good health within reach. Our quality control standards are on par with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). We source only the best raw materials for our nutritional supplements. We develop science-based supplements which are effective at its best. Our innovative formulas are based on the latest research, clinically validated, scientific approach to better nutrition. And our accumulated body of knowledge for over two decades, makes it possible for us to develop unique formulations.

With years of experience and expertise in the field of Human Nutritional supplements, SEARCH FOUNDATION dedicated its knowledge backed by strong R&D to create innovative and high-quality nutritional solutions that make a significant difference to the horse’s health, performance and well being at an affordable price.

The supplement product range is backed by a commitment to excellence by using Pharma certified ingredients, applying the strictest quality controls and employing the latest nutritional research resulting in groundbreaking Innovations all of which aim to set the highest possible standards in equine nutrition.

We at Search Foundation incorporate the latest movements in equine nutrition and make use of cutting edge ingredients such as bioavailable organic minerals and a live yeast culture for improved fibre, phosphorus and calcium digestibility.

We also only use additives which are scientifically proven to deliver major benefits to the equine’s nutritional performance and avoid inactive fillers.

The contents are 100 % true to the label claims. This is certified by an independent laboratory which subjects each batch of products to a strict anti doping protocol.

We offer a superior range of supplements, in various categories viz. Muscle health, Bone and Growth, Joint, Energy and Electrolyte, Hoof Care and many more.

Our Valued Customers:

For over 20 years the Search Foundation has been feeding champions like:
All Race Clubs & Stud Farms
Major Equestrian Academies
Our ethical business policies guarantee transparent dealings, timely delivery of consignment and safe packing.
We intend to not only sell superior products but also provide customers with expert advice and programmes tailored to individual needs like the type of horse, the objectives, as well as economic abilities.
We want to be partners, not just suppliers and intend to create long-lasting trust based relationships with our customers.

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